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Toppers for Your Dorm and Home


  1. How was your sleep last night?

  2. How's that mattress feel?

  3. Do you need a new mattress but can't afford one right now?

  4. Are you sleeping on a rock... or like a rock?

  5. Does your dorm bed feel like a torture chamber?

  6. Can you feel the springs in your bed?

  7. Do you crave the sleep you need and deserve?

The correct answer to your sleep problem is....


RubberMatch's newest product ---- A latex foam topper for your bed!



Give your old mattress new life with a latex foam topper.  Place it on top of your existing mattress and under the sheets to produce the perfect balance of comfort and support.  You'll enjoy deep, sound sleep night after night.... Awaken refreshed and rejuvenated to meet the challenges of the day!

  • Superior Quality Latex Foam

  • Gently supports your body for a more restful sleep

  • Improves the comfort and support of any mattress ---- old or new

  • Effectively reduces tossing and turning

  • Single zone support with pin-core technology for consistent comfort

  • Hypoallergenic, Comfortable and Affordable

  • Available in all sizes ---- twin long, twin, full, queen, king and custom sizes

You be the judge ---- Stop in to RubberMatch and try it yourself.... We think you're worth it!

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